The Emperor of Any Place by Tim Wynne-Jones

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A beautiful and unique story about the power of love and the intensity of family, The Emperor of Any Place by Tim Wynne-Jones is a book that will transcend generations of readers.

emperor of any placeWhen Evan’s father dies suddenly, Evan finds a hand-bound yellow book on his desk—a book his dad had been reading when he passed away. The book is the diary of a Japanese soldier stranded on a small Pacific island in WWII. Why was his father reading it? What is in this account that Evan’s grandfather, whom Evan has never met before, fears so much that he will do anything to prevent its being seen? And what could this possibly mean for Evan? In a pulse-quickening mystery evoking the elusiveness of truth and the endurance of wars passed from father to son, this engrossing novel is a suspenseful, at times terrifying read from award-winning author Tim Wynne-Jones.

Told as a story within a story, The Emperor of Any Place really offers readers two narratives: first, Evan, who confronts generations of family strife following his father’s sudden death and the arrival of his estranged grandfather. Then, we have the story of a Japanese soldier stranded on an island in the Pacific during World War II. Each story is equally captivating, but it’s as the two stories come together that the magnificence of Wynne-Jones’ writing really starts to shine.

The Emperor of Any Place is a story rich with beautiful prose, deeply intense emotions, and an engaging and slow-building mystery, with a satisfying reveal. Look for the book in stores October 13th.

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