Suzanne Young & Tom DeLonge: Poet Anderson … Of Nightmares Q&A

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Poet Anderson Week
Want to know more about what inspired the world of Poet Anderson, and the collaboration between Tom DeLonge and Suzanne Young? Today, we have a Q&A provided by To The Stars Media to help shed some light on the book Poet Anderson … Of Nightmares and the bigger project it’s a part of!

tom delongeWhat inspired the storyline of Poet Anderson and is there a character that you most identify with?

Tom: I saw a fascinating documentary about the study of nightmares at Stanford University. It talked about nightmares preparing human beings for real world events. It instantly made me think of my already existing character Poet Anderson, a post-punk and introverted kid from a rainy downtown Seattle. He’s a lucid dreamer, somebody that can see a better world, even if there is a myriad of conflict. Yes, a character that I see a lot of myself in. From the days of when I had much longer bangs. Ha.

Lucid dreaming plays a key part in the storyline, have you ever experience a lucid dream? What attracted you to the role that dreams play in our lives?

Tom: There are two main reasons that attracted me to dreams. I have had lucid dreams in the past where I can’t get these pictures out of my head to this day; wondering what they meant, and what the hell they were. I am also a daydreamer by trade, and I spend every waking hour thinking about how to improve my future, my environment, and my experience.

suzanne young bwSuzanne, what is your take on Lucid Dreaming?

Suzanne: I wish I could lucid dream. I read up on the act itself, and there are some who don’t believe it’s possible and others who think it’s a learned skill. I’d like to believe that a true lucid dreamer can modify and change his/her dream, but then again, if we all had the skill, how many of us would wake up again? It’s almost like virtual reality. But in the case of POET ANDERSON, it’s an actual reality.

Tom, the novel is part of what you call a Poet Anderson TransMedia experience. Can you explain what other media assets you have created that help tell the story and how … Of Nightmares fits into it?

Tom: I believe the future of art is the convergence of film, music, and publishing. This will create new ways for people’s imaginations to be immersed into new worlds and new ways of thinking. This is called TransMedia, a cohesive mix of various mediums of art working together leading to a much grander experience for the audience.

Poet Cover Sept 17 2016How does the novel fit in to the Poet Anderson TransMedia universe?

Suzanne: The novel tells the origin story, introducing a young adult version of Poet Anderson. We know he’s going to be a serious bad-ass, but right now, he’s Jonas Anderson and he just wants his brother and he to live their lives. Then a Night Terror and a bunch of Dream Walkers show up and throw his life into total upheaval. He grows from here, but this was a great place for him to start.

Program, TheSuzanne, some of your other novels have heavy emotional themes. Does that carry into Poet Anderson at all?

Suzanne: Most of my books are about loss and grief, and I think one of the more interesting aspects of this book, in addition to the world Tom created, is the relationship between Jonas and Alan Anderson. That sense of belonging to no one can be a driving force. Some of us have to create our own families. So I think in that aspect, fans of The Program series will connect to the emotions that Poet Anderson will stir up.

Tom, have you always wanted to write a novel? How was the experience for you?

Tom: When I was younger I could never find the desire to read. I cheated over and over and never read one book in school. Out of all of the books they had given us, in all of my years of school, I never read one of them. As Blink-182 got popular, I started to realize what really made me excited about art was the way people felt when they came together, quite an epiphany for me. I became fascinated by the world of film, books, and music coming together. Hitting somebody with a 360° bat of art on the head. Angels and Airwaves was the genesis of that. Now, whenever I have any time at all, I find myself reading anything I can get my hands on, and trying to learn something of value.

Tune in tomorrow when we have an EXCLUSIVE rapid fire question round with both Tom & Suzanne … it’s super fun!

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