5 Tips for a Percy Jackson Halloween (Plus, a contest!)

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Though we’ve been celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the Percy Jackson MagnusChaseCoverseries, this week author Rick Riordan launched a new series — this time inspired by Norse mythology, Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard. (I’m assuming the book is pretty good, because my husband stole my copy & hasn’t given it back yet!)

To celebrate both Percy and Magnus, and Halloween, we have a special post today with 5 tips to have a Percy Jackson-inspired Halloween. Plus, we’re giving away a copy of Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard just because! See keep reading for all the details.

1. Percy Pumpkins

Get out your pumpkin carving tools and prepare to slice & dice your gourd into a jack o’lantern worthy of the gods. We saved you the trouble and tracked down this great Camp Half-Blood carving pattern:

percy pumpkin
The above pattern was created by Christie, one of our former staff members and a pumpkin carving expert. She’ll have a guest post for us soon about turning your favorite book cover into a carving pattern — but be sure to check out her website here for more tips!

Plus, thanks to the folks at Disney, you can also carve a Magnus Chase pumpkin using the pattern and instructions found HERE.

MagnusChase-PumpkinStencil_Page_22. Percy Jackson-inspired Halloween Costumes

Grab a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and a plastic sword, then channel your inner Percy for a simple costume. Or take your inspiration from the gods, with a draped toga and Greek-accents. Dress as one of the gods or goddesses featured in the series, or maybe even one of the villains … how cool would a Medusa costume be?!?

camp half blood tshirt goddess medusa

3. Villainous Decor

Speaking of Medusa … turn to the villains of the Percy Jackson series to help inspire your Halloween decor. How creepy/cool would it be to have a stone Medusa head as the centerpiece of your Halloween feast?

You could also find cool illustrations of some of these baddies — or even make your own! Medusa, the Minotaur, the Hydra, and Echidna would all make formidable Halloween artwork.

hydra minotaur

4. Feast for the Gods

Try whipping up some Percy Jackson-inspired treats for your Halloween celebration. You could take your cues from Percy’s mom, who always makes a blue cake or treat for his birthday. You could even concoct a blue-colored cocktail!

Or you could make an Olympus-inspired feast, completed with ambrosia salad and other classic Greek cuisine, like pita bread, hummus, olives, feta, and stuffed grape leaves.

greek food

5. Entertainment

Stage a live reading of your favorite moments from the Percy Jackson books with your friends! Or, if you’re not feeling up to acting the scenes out yourselves, grab those delicious snacks we just discussed and watch the movie adaptations!

percy movie1 percy movie2

To celebrate the release of Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard, we’re giving away a copy to one lucky winner. U.S. only. Prizing provided by Disney-Hyperion. Contest ends at midnight (PT) on Wednesday, October 14th.

To enter, tell us in the comments how YOU would incorporate Percy Jackson into your Halloween festivities. Then fill out the Rafflecopter form here to complete your entry and earn more chances to win!

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  1. Brittany Burton

    I don’t really do halloween anymore, but I’d be all over just buying blue candy to hand out to kids, haha.

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