The Best of The Game of Love & Death by Martha Brockenbrough

Today, it’s time to wrap-up our May Book of the Month feature on The Game of Love & Death by Martha Brockenbrough. Before we bid farewell, Game of Love and Deaththough, let’s take a look at highlights from this month’s features:

The Game of Love & Death Writing Contest

In The Game of Love and Death, Love keeps a book chronicling his “games” with Death over the centuries. In 250-500 words, write about one such couple that was part of their game. Imagine you are Love writing about this in your own diary, and remember that Love has never won a match with Death.

Submit your entry using the entry form here. See complete rules and details HERE before submitting. Entries are due by midnight (PT) on Sunday, May 31st.

More from Martha Brockenbrough:

Beyond the Book:

And don’t miss our review of The Game of Love & Death here!


* (And just a reminder: after today, our Book of the Month feature is going on temporary hiatus while my husband & I buy a new house and move to the new place. No exact return date has been chosen yet, but I’ll know more once we get moved and settled in later this summer. Thanks for your patience & understanding!)

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