Blogging Status Update & Book of the Month Hiatus

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Hello friends … a lot is going on in my offline world, and I wanted to share a little update and explain why posts on the blog will be a little slower than usual.

IMG_4898editedSo, the big news is that my husband & I are finally buying a house – YAY!!! We’ve been living together since before we got married in the two-bedroom condo I purchased right after graduating college. I’ve been here almost ten years (wow), and had packed it pretty full of my stuff even before the hubs moved in. So to say we’ve been cramped the last few years is an understatement.

We’re also really excited to not share walls with neighbors, and have a yard.

Anyway, we’ve had a crazy couple of months getting the condo ready to sell (packing, staging, repainting, new carpet, etc.) and getting it listed. Now we wait for an offer — and then it’s more packing, house-hunting, and moving across town. (We’ll still be here in the Portland, OR area!)

But over the years, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my capacity for balancing multiple things … and what I’ve learned, especially as I get older, is that I can only take on so much. I remember how chaotic things got during the 18 months leading up to our wedding, when I was trying to do too much on the blog AND plan a wedding at the same time.

So learning from these mistakes, starting June 1st, I am putting our book of the month feature on hiatus until further notice. It’s not gone for good — but we need to get moved & get settled before I can figure out when to start it up again.

(And ANOTHER distraction in my world right now is that my brother and his wife are having a BABY this summer. So Auntie Sara mode is about to jump into high gear. My little niece is going to be spoiled with the best books!)

I’ll still be posting as many reviews and other features as I feel comfortable taking on. And even though I’ve packed up many of my beloved books for the sake of staging our home to sell, I still have a healthy TBR pile that is NOT packed.

In the meantime, I am now attempting to get caught up on scheduling blog posts, reviews & contest winners — all things that I’ve fallen behind on in the last few weeks, as I’ve been lost in Real Estate Land.

Thanks for your patience and understanding and support over the last 5+ years!


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  1. Sounds like you really have your hands full! Best of luck selling off the condo, hope it happens fast. Guess it’s going to be a full and exciting summer for you 🙂

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