The Walls Around Us: Classroom Essay & Project Ideas

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Our April Book of the Month is chock-full of great things to talk about, so today’s post is all about how to use The Walls Around Us in the classroom. Below, you’ll find our ideas for classroom discussion and essay topics and project ideas for The Walls Around Us. Share your ideas in the comments!

walls around usClassroom Discussion & Essay Topics:

  • Guilt and innocence are major driving forces in this story. Talk about the different ways each character addresses their guilt/innocence.
  • In what ways do you think justice was served in the story? In what ways was it not?
  • What motivates the characters in The Walls Around Us? Discuss in terms of the (alleged) crimes, and other significant actions. What is the driving force behind each action?
  • Study “magic realism,” and explore how this technique is used throughout The Walls Around Us. How would the story be different without the magical twist?

Download the Reader’s Guide from Algonquin Young Readers here for even more discussion questions!

Project Ideas:

  • There is so much vivid imagery in The Walls Around Us. Pick a scene, and create an illustration using your choice of art medium (paint, collage, pastels, etc.)
  • Create an alternate cover for The Walls Around Us, and explain your design decisions as they relate to the book.
  • Research teen criminal cases, and explore the different ways the justice system works for teens accused (and convicted) of major crimes. Compare your findings to how the system is presented in The Walls Around Us.

For the comments: What other ways can you see The Walls Around Us being used in the classroom?

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