Skandal by Lindsay Smith

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A paranormal thriller about Cold War espionage with an X-Men-esque twist awaits readers in Skandal by Lindsay Smith, the pulse-pounding sequel to her debut novel, Sekret.

skandalThe dramatic sequel to Sekret, this psychic Cold War espionage thriller follows Yulia to Washington, DC, where she fights to discover the truth about her family without losing control of her mind.

My mind is mine alone.

Life in Washington, D.C., is not the safe haven Yulia hoped for when she risked everything to flee communist Russia. Her father is reckless and aloof, and Valentin is distant and haunted by his past. Her mother is being targeted by the CIA and the US government is suspicious of Yulia’s allegiance. And when super-psychics start turning up in the US capitol, it seems that even Rostov is still a threat. Ultimately, Yulia must keep control of her own mind to save the people she loves and avoid an international Skandal.

Skandal is one part historical study, one part spy thriller, and one part edge-of-your-seat thriller. The combination is a truly un-put-downable book. And as much as I love Smith’s paranormal twist on the Cold War espionage thriller — what really sets this book apart is her attention to historical detail.

Not only does she offer a portrait of life during the Cold War, but she examines the different societal changes that began brewing during the early- to mid-1960s in the United States. She examines women’s roles in the workforce, race equality, even burgeoning fashion freedoms (with the “mod” style seen as counterculture). This historical portrait — couched in a paranormal espionage thriller — is really what helps make Skandal so compelling and sets it apart from other books in this genre.

Fans of Sekret will also be happy to see the return of their favorite (and not-so-favorite) characters, and an exciting continuation of the Cold War drama that began in the first book. Happily, this appears to be a duology only, and readers should find themselves quite satisfied by the ultimate ending.

Betrayal, love, and psychic espionage abound. Look for Skandal in stores April 7th.

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