Guest Post: Why You Should Help Save “Classic Alice”

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Today’s guest post is from Felicity Disco (aka YA superstar author Maureen Johnson’s assistant), about the bookish web series “Classic Alice,” and why you should be supporting this great creative endeavor!

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Hi Novel Novice readers! Sara is very kindly letting me stop by to tell you about an awesome bookish web series called Classic Alice. As a friend of mine remarked today, Classic Alice is what you get when you combine classic literature with questionable life decisions.

classic aliceHere’s the deal: Lit student Alice Rackham gets a bad grade because she’s not connecting emotionally with her reading, so she starts making life decisions according to the actions of characters in classic literature. Her film major friend Andrew decides to make a documentary about her experiment, and drama and hijinks ensue.

Want to give it a try? Start here or right here:

I love the show because it’s smart and funny and touching, but I also feel strongly about it and am trying to support it because it’s made by an independent young female creator and has a feminist message and LGBT representation. I love that it focuses on the heroine’s academic and career development at least as much as her personal life. I think that’s vitally important in entertainment, especially for young women.

Today is the LAST DAY of Classic Alice‘s crowdfunder for a second season – designed to emphasize the fact that a girl’s story shouldn’t end when she gets a boyfriend – so I’m asking everyone who supports these ideals to share the link and donate a few dollars if possible. They’ve raised over $50,000 already. Every dollar and every link really does help at this point, especially because so many fans of the show are young girls with little income, and they’re the ones who need smart, feminist entertainment the most.

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