February Contest Winners

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It’s time to round-up the winners from our February contests! Be sure to check out our latest contests here for more chances to win.

The Vanishing Island Cover Reveal Contest

vanishing island
To celebrate the cover reveal for Barry Wolverton’s The Vanishing Island, we gave away one signed copy of Barry’s previous book, Neversink.

The winner is: Maria Touet

Countdown Zero Blog Tour Contest

Countdown Zero Blog Tour Banner
As part of the blog tour for Countdown Zero by Chris Rylander, we gave away one signed copy of the book!

The winner is: Anne S.

The Duff Movie Contest

To celebrate the theatrical release of The Duff, based on Kody Keplinger’s bestselling novel, we offered up a fun movie prize pack.

The winner is: Melissa Hdez

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson Contest

To celebrate the release of Brandon Sanderson’s latest, we gave away copies of both Steelheart and Firefight to one lucky winner.

The winner is: Susan Light

I’ll Meet You There Writing Contest

ill meet you there_feb2015_botm_banner
For our Book of the Month writing contest inspired by I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios, we asked you to write about a character suffering from some form of PTSD. The winner will get a copy of I’ll Meet You There.

The winner is Natasha Schumacher and here is her winning entry:

I had the dream again.

We were back at the school. The girls were dressed in their finery and stood in line fastening their dance cards around their wrists. The boys leaned against the wall arguing over whom they were going to dance with first. The room was supposed to be reminiscent of a night in Paris. The “Evening of Elegance” they called it. The teachers had worked tirelessly to organize the event. It was supposed to be a chance for the students to show off their recently acquired ballroom dancing skills and etiquette.

The crew and I set up the food in the adjacent room while the kids ran around giggling and taking pictures. The fathers scrambled around in their wait staff uniforms pouring sparkling cider for their kids. Tammy stuck her head into the room to let us know we’d be serving in ten minutes.

All of a sudden, we felt the floor quake beneath us. It only lasted for a few seconds, but that’s all it took. A buzz filled the air. Decorations began to fall all around us. The lovely candlelit tables became fiery obstacles to dodge as people rushed toward the exits.

I heard a pop overhead and saw one of the beams break loose. A little girl stopped to pick up her dance card that she had dropped and I screamed for her to move. She couldn’t hear me over all the commotion, so I lunged myself toward her to push her out of the way of the falling structure.

Everything was dark. The crushing weight on my chest grew heavier and my head felt like it was under water. Every muscle in my body was screaming. I couldn’t breathe. I started thrashing around, willing my body to kick into survival mode before slipping away into nothingness.

I woke up gasping for air, relieved that it was just a dream this time.

I felt nothing and everything at once.

Congrats to all our winners!

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