Heather Demetrios: I’ll Meet You There Q&A Part 3

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Today, we conclude our three-part exclusive interview with I’ll Meet You There author Heather Demetrios. Catch part 1 here if you missed it, and part 2 here. Meanwhile, here is part 3 … FLASH QUESTIONS!

heather demetriosFavorite decade?


Must-have writing snack?


Favorite Disney movie?

Beauty and the Beast

i'll meet you there cover HRThe beach or the mountains?

The beach

Song that can always get you dancing?

Ok, right now, I’m not gonna lie: “Talk Dirty To Me.” It’s that Arabic beat that gets me every time and the lyrics crack me up!

Name 5 things currently on your desk (or in your writing space)

  1. a notebook my best friend bought me that has the words “bright ideas” written on the cover
  2. Amber Smoke room spray by Paddywax (gets me into the jinn world for my Dark Caravan series)
  3. a jinni bottle I bought at a souk in Morocco
  4. a cigar box I bought in a voodoo shop in New Orleans, filled with story ideas written on index cards
  5. a book of Mary Oliver poetry
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