A Study in Scarlet illus. by Gris Grimly

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The newly-released edition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved Sherlock Holmes classic A Study in Scarlet with new, original illustrations by Gris Grimly is a thing of beauty, and a must-have for any fan of the famous detective.

study in scarletI’ve loved Grimly’s previous illustrated versions of classics, like Frankenstein and the collections of Edgar Allan Poe. But his work on A Study in Scarlet might be the most fitting one yet. After all, Doyle’s work lends itself so well to Grimly’s macabre, yet whimsical style of illustrations. Sherlock has achieved such a cult status these days, between movie adaptations with Robert Downey Junior and the beloved BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch; Grimly’s illustrated re-telling just seems a fitting next step in the detective’s legend.

And for fans who only know of the detective through screen adaptations (be it big or small), this new edition of A Study in Scarlet is the perfect volume to begin reading the original source material. Much like these popular film and TV adaptations, Grimly’s illustrated edition of A Study in Scarlet offers the perfect twist for modern audiences to truly appreciate dear Sherlock Holmes.

Look for Gris Grimly’s illustrated edition of A Study in Scarlet on sale February 17th. Here is the official synopsis:

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s first novel—and the origin story of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson—is reimagined in the first unabridged, fully illustrated version since its debut, by acclaimed and bestselling illustrator Gris Grimly.

The year is 1881. The city, London. A man lies dead in an empty house, not a mark upon him, and no clues—save for the word “RACHE” scrawled in blood on the wall above. Elsewhere, two men—a former army doctor called John Watson and a brilliant eccentric called Sherlock Holmes—meet for the first time. These two events set in motion an adventure into the darkest corners of men’s hearts as the cold, calculating investigative methods of Mr. Holmes are put to the test in a case that spans decades and continents, rife with danger and intrigue.

Originally published in 1887, A Study in Scarlet was the first novel to feature a character whose name would become synonymous with the art of deduction. Today it is completely reimagined with artwork by the modern master of gothic romanticism, Gris Grimly, bringing this thrilling tale of love and revenge to a new generation of readers.

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