Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper

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Whaling and magic collide in this intoxicating tale of love, destiny, and family — taking place during the downturn of the whaling industry in the late 19th century. Transporting readers to a cloudy seaside village, located on an island off the coast of New England, Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper is as enchanting as the spells cast by the witch of Prince Island.

Kulper_Salt&Storm_HCA sweeping historical romance about a witch who foresees her own murder–and the one boy who can help change her future.

Sixteen-year-old Avery Roe wants only to take her rightful place as the witch of Prince Island, making the charms that keep the island’s whalers safe at sea, but her mother has forced her into a magic-free world of proper manners and respectability. When Avery dreams she’s to be murdered, she knows time is running out to unlock her magic and save herself.

Avery finds an unexpected ally in a tattooed harpoon boy named Tane — a sailor with magic of his own, who moves Avery in ways she never expected. Becoming a witch might stop her murder and save her island from ruin, but Avery discovers her magic requires a sacrifice she never prepared for.

Kulper sets the stage for her saga with a vivid setting: it’s so easy to imagine yourself on Prince Island, with her descriptions of the sea, the rocky paths, the docks, the salty air, the seagulls soaring overhead, the cloudy weather. And once transported to this other place — and this other time — Kulper wraps you up in her intoxicating story and bewitching romance.

I ached to know what would happen next to Avery and Tane, and that made it near impossible to put down Salt & Storm — even after I’d finished reading the last page, and wanted more, more, more. (Good thing there is a prequel on the way!)

Salt & Storm is a story about finding love in unexpected ways; about destiny and truth and family — and all the misguided, murky things we’ll do to protect the ones we care about most.

Salt & Storm is in stores September 23rd.


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  1. ccplteenunderground

    I’m sold! Between the gorgeous cover, plot, and your shining review, I’ll be adding this one to the TBR pile!

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