July 2014 Contest Winners

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Time to round-up the winners of our assorted July contests. Congrats to all the winners, and be sure to check out our current contests for more chances to win great prizes!

Deady Delicious Giveaway

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Our U.S. winner receives a signed paperback copy of Deadly Delicious from author K.L. Kincy: Victoria Zumbrum

And our int’l winner receives an e-book of Deadly Delicious: Mary Preston

The Family Romanov Giveaway

family romanov

One winner receives a copy of The Family Romanov courtesy of Random House: Lisa Ahlstedt

Homeroom Diaries Contest

homeroom diaries
One winner receives “The Happiness Project” prize pack — which includes copies of Homeroom Diaries, Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, Confessions of a Murder Suspect, and First Love: Victoria Zumbrum

Squish + Comics Squad Contest

squish fear the amoeba comics squad

One winner will receive copies of Squish #6: Fear the Amoeba and Comics Squad: Recess! courtesy of illustrator Matt Holm: Natasha Donohoo

Brazen Historical Writing Contest

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For this writing contest, we asked you to choose a moment in history — a person or time from the past — and imagine what really happened. What are some of the details that may not have survived time? That we don’t know about today?

The winner is … Mackenzi Lee! Congrats, and here is her winning entry about Mary and Percy Shelley:

When we lit the funeral pyre around Percy Shelley, his heart did not burn.

His skin melted, muscles and bones collapsed and crumbled into something I could have brushed on my skin and run between my fingers, his heart remained behind, stubborn and smoldering, but refusing to catch.

We had been standing on the beach for hours, watching his body turn to smoke that the wind wrapped into wispy clouds and pushed away across the lake. I tipped my head backwards and through the haze I could see the stars, faint and pale like salt spread in handfuls across that velvet darkness. The first time I had kissed Shelley it had been dark like this. Dark and hazy, but I had never felt so bright.

It was Byron who finally reached into the flames and withdrew Shelley’s unburned heart. His fingers were black with ash, and as he held the heart before him, it seemed to me an artifact of a lost civilization. A left behind thing from a body gone to God, though Shelley would have been sick if he knew I had thought of God at his funeral.

Beside me, Claire let go a quiet moan, and her trembling grew suddenly violent, as though it were her husband’s heart in Byron’s hand instead of mine. Her fingers clenched vise-tight around my arm. The crepe puckered under her nails.

Byron passed the heart to John, who held it in a way that was somehow tender and terrified, the same way he had always handled Shelley, before he passed it off to Claire. She took it, just for a moment, and clutched it close enough that it left a black smear across the starched material stretched tight across her stomach. She let go one sob, a ravaged caw like a gull’s, and then my husband’s heart was in my hands. I looked down at it, black and gelatinous, scarred by the flames of his funeral pyre, or perhaps the scars had been there all along. It felt hard, like a bone.

It is only now that I realize we passed the heart in the order in which we died.

Byron was the next to go after Shelley. He died young and lonely and fever-mad in Greece.

Then John, who hung himself from a balcony in France.

Then Claire, whose soul went into the ground with her little daughter.

I am what is left of us, waiting alone with only the feeling of my husband’s heart between my fingers and the prickling memories that stab me every time I shift of once running young and barefoot and happy on that same beach where we burned his body.

All these years, and I still have the heart. I wrapped it in his love letters and kept it in my drawer.

The Bridge from Me to You Preorder Contest

bridge from me to you preorder
Everyone who entered this contest will be receiving a signed bookplate from author Lisa Schroeder and a bookmark. We also offered up some additional prize packs, and the winners of each prize pack are listed below:

  • Signed copies of Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson & To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han: Ivan Shellenbarger
  • The Book of Broken Hearts and Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler: Becca Rackley
  • Signed copies of Illusions and Destined by Aprilynne Pike: Anne Campbell
  • Signed copies of Hereafter by Tara Hudson and Die for Me by Amy Plum: Kianna Ramirez
  • Signed copies of Perfect and Triangles by Ellen Hopkins: Daisy Richeson
  • ARCS of Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott, Rain by Amanda Sun, How to Meet Boys by Catherine Clark, and Far From You by Tess Sharpe: Jennifer Malphy

Congrats to ALL our winners! Look for the August contest winners to be announced sometime in September.

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