What the Moon Said Review by Abby Bingham

middle grade

Review by 12-year-old, Abby Bingham.

When I read this book my heart just melted over Ester, a little girl from Chicago moon saidwho lived during the Great Depression. Ester doesn’t quite fit in with her family. Her ma is superstitious and is very strict. She believed if you do something wrong it could bring bad luck. For example, once Ester buttoned her shirt wrong and her ma made her go take it off , shake it out, and then put it back on. Ester found her mother’s rules to be difficult but they were deeply ingrained in her. After reading What the Moon said, I actually do some of the things Ma told Ester to do!

Life is hard for Ester and then one day her pa loses his job and they decide to move to a farm. Ester’s family is not happy but she is determined this is her chance to prove she is a hard worker and can do the job right. Ester has high hopes for a new life, but the farm isn’t everything she dreamed it would be. Ester continues to find peace with her mother and herself.

One of the reasons I loved this book is the emotions. I almost felt as if I was there feeling and hearing Ester’s thoughts. What the Moon Said is a book I definitely recommend because I know that you’ll fall in love with the characters , just like I did. You might even find a piece of yourself in one of them. I think everyone should read this book at least once in their lives. This book I will read again. I also hope Gayle Rosengren writes many more books.




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