Best Ideas for a Literary Bridal Shower

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I was SO so lucky last November to have the most amazing literary-themed bridal shower. My bridesmaids (with the help of my mom) put together the most fabulous party featuring book-inspired decorations, food, and activities for my bridal shower.

Because it was SO much fun, and perfect for any book-loving bride, I wanted to share some of what they did — as we all as more inspiration from Pinterest — right here for all of you!

Book-ish Bridal Shower Decorations

The decorations started with a bridal “throne” — which my bridesmaids surrounded with stacks and stacks of books. The tissue-paper flowers over the window (below) were hand-crafted by my mom, and include tissue paper she printed with scans from old fairy tale books.

My bridesmaids hit up thrift shops for old, falling-apart books and used them to craft some fabulous decorations. They used the old pages to make garlands to hang from the fireplace mantle, and glued together a runner for the table.

Here are some other pretty book-ish decoration ideas we found on Pinterest:


Book-Themed Party Foods

The menu for my bridal shower included:

  • Count of Monte Cristo Sandwiches
  • Harry Potter’s Chocolate Pretzel Wands
  • Oliver Twists (pretzels)
  • Great Eggspectations Deviled Eggs
  • Dr. Seuss Fruit Skewers (slices of strawberries & bananas)
  • Lemony Snicket’s Lemon Meringues

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My mom also hand-crafted these beautiful cupcake liners, that she had printed with our wedding illustration and scans from old fairy tale books.


Here’s where she got her inspiration from:

Literary-Inspired Bridal Shower Games

No bridal shower is complete without a few games. My bridesmaids had the perfect word-games for my book-themed shower, as well as some more traditional shower games. We played:

– Wedding Vow MadLibs

– Bridal Scattegories

– Guess What the Groom Said (in which I had to guess his responses to a set of questions, and the guests had to vote whether they thought I’d get the answer right or wrong.)

– Pin the “ring” on the hand:


During all of the games, my Maid of Honor kept score (having assigned everyone a “District,” Hunger Games-style). The guest with the highest score (my mother-in-law) took home the grand prize, a copy of Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield, the book I was buying when my husband proposed.

More Ideas:

Another fun bridal shower game is “Literary Lovers Match-Up” — in which your guests must correctly pair up each literary couple.


For favors, my mom hand-crafted these beautiful bookmarks. The front includes our wedding illustration and scanned pages from a fairy tale book, and the back is made from glitter scrapbook paper.


You can see more ideas that inspired my bridesmaids on my bridal shower Pinterest board.

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  1. Absolutely loved this! I’ve done (series or book specific) book birthday parties for my kids, and have heavily hinted that I’d love a book-themed 40th. Better show my sister and husband these ideas- especially the food !

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