Katherine Longshore: Brazen Q&A Part 2

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Today we bring you part 2 our exclusive three-part interview with Brazen author Katherine Longshore. If you missed it, check out part 1 here.

Katherine_Longshore_1589_CL_57_WFor anyone wanting to learn more about the Tudors, what resources would you recommend?

The library! Whatever part of the Tudor history interests you most, you should be able to find something to satisfy your craving. Want to know details on how life was lived and the workings of the court? Try Alison Weir’s Henry VIII: The King and His Court. Fascinated by the king and his relationships? David Starkey’s Six Wives is a great place to start. Love Anne Boleyn? Eric Ives wrote the definitive biography. Need to know more about the Howard family after reading BRAZEN? House of Treason by Robert Hutchinson tells the long, corrupt story.

brazenWhat was one of the most surprising things you learned while researching BRAZEN (or any of your novels)?

Because I had been reading about Henry and his court for about five years before I started Gilt (my first novel), it became difficult to find anything that surprised me. Once you spend five years in a place where a woman can be executed for treason in her 70s (Margaret of Salisbury) or a man can go from nothing to being the king’s most trusted advisor (Thomas Cromwell), all of the Tudor machinations and betrayals and trysts and servility become frighteningly commonplace. I suppose, though, on a more detailed and material level, I was (surprisingly) surprised to discover that the Tudors (and Henry in particular) were masters at re-gifting. Though the term originated with Seinfeld, the Tudors practiced regifting all the time—with no apparent chagrin.

Do you have other Tudor-era books planned? Who else would you love to write about?

None planned at the moment—I’m actually working on a contemporary novel right now. But I would love to write the story of a young Elizabeth, or Lady Jane Grey (any of the Grey sisters, actually!) or one of Elizabeth’s young maids in waiting when she was queen. Lettice Knollys (Elizabeth’s second cousin, who ended up marrying Robert Dudley) springs to mind.

Tune in for part 3 on Friday!

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