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TSLOG blog tour
Today, we continue our summer-long blog tour with The Sound of Letting Go author Stasia Ward Kehoe.

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A Writing Tip and a Tumblr Trip

Summer is time for fun. It’s time to relax, regroup and reinvigorate. How to do this while also trying to write a new novel? THE WRITING EXERCISE (no weights required)! These are just fun ways to loosing up those writing muscles. You won’t necessarily keep the results in your manuscript but hopefully you’ll make a character discovery or at least add a bit of fun to your process. REMEMBER: No word is wasted in the writing process. Every step has value.

Here are three quick ones:

  1. Open a work of fiction (favorite, current read, random bookshelf choice) to somewhere near the middle. Read until you find the first line of dialogue. Incorporate that line of dialogue into your wip (changing names as necessary).
  2. Rewrite a scene from your manuscript in daytime (if it’s nighttime) or vice versa.
  3. In the next chapter you write, have your protagonist HIDE SOMETHING and/or have your antagonist REVEAL or GIVE SOMETHING away.

I’ve also been having some summer fun getting to know Tumblr. This week, I’ll be adding “art quotes” from both of my novels. Just for kicks!


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