Stasia Ward Kehoe: “Five YA Novels to Applaud” – The Sound of Letting Go Summer Blog Tour

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Today, we continue our summer-long blog tour with The Sound of Letting Go author Stasia Ward Kehoe.

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From rock bands to stage plays, here are five great reads for arts-loving teens and adults. Performing, expression emotion through script or movement or sound, is a fitting metaphor for the teen years when we try on so many identities in search of the deepest truth of ourselves. Perhaps it’s not surprising that, after writing my ballet novel, AUDITION, many YA novelists I met confessed that they, too, had spent their childhoods onstage. Ask a few writers you know!

brandycolbertBallet: POINTE by Brandy Colbert

Theo almost has her eating disorder, her ballet future—and her life—back in balance until her friend Donovan returns after being held by a kidnapper for four years and everything spins out of control again.

if_i_stayClassical Music: IF I STAY by Gayle Forman

After a car accident, talented cellist Mia is hospitalized in a coma. Hovering between life and death, she reflects on love, dreams and the reasons to try to keep living.

this is what happy looks likeCelebrity/Fame: THIS IS WHAT HAPPY LOOKS LIKE by Jennifer E. Smith

A mistyped email begins teen movie star Graham’s anonymous virtual relationship with small-town Ellie. But will the chance to meet in real life only prove that fame can destroy anything?

jumped inPerformed Poetry: JUMPED IN by Patrick Flores Scott

Sam has tried to be invisible since his mom left. But when his English teacher pairs him with gang-member Luis for a slam poetry unit, disappearing is no longer possible.

ninalacourRock Music: THE DISENCHANTMENTS by Nina LaCoeur

The novel follows Colby, reeling after his best friend Bev announces that after this final tour with him and their band-mates Meg and Alexa, she’s going off to college and life turns off key.

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