Tracy Barrett: The Stepsister’s Tale Q&A Part 3

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Today, we bring you part 3 of our exclusive Q&A with The Stepsister’s Tale author Tracy Barrett. If you missed it, catch part 1 here and part 2 here.


tracy barrettFavorite decade?

It’s a tossup between the 470s BCE and the 1260s CE. I know, I’m a nerd.

*Sara’s note: That’s probably the best response I’ve ever gotten to that question!

Must-have writing snack?

I’m so unoriginal. Chocolate.

Favorite Disney movie?

Lady and the Tramp

The beach or the mountains?


Song that can always get you dancing?

“Shout” (The Isley Brothers)

Name 5 things currently on your desk (or in your writing space)

Fan mail to answer (I promise I’ll get to it soon!), a tiny lamp that I bought just because it was cute, a coaster for my coffee cup that I bought in Italy, a light bulb for inspiration, and a puppy! The puppy isn’t always in my writing space but he’s so adorable that I had to think of a way to sneak in a picture of him.

study2 pericles on chair office with light bulb

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