13 Bookish Crafts Perfect to Make This Summer

bookish crafts
Summer vacation is here — and when I was growing up, that meant one thing: crafting! My mom used to give my brother and I the option of going to various camps and activities … or instead, spending that money at the craft store for a summer’s worth of art supplies. We almost always chose the latter.

So when you find you need a break from your TBR list this summer, why not turn your attentions to one of these awesome book-ish crafts:

1. Homemade Bookmarks

bookmarks  bookmarks3
Bookmarks (Left) via Silhouette Blog
Bookmarks (Right) via Here & Home

If you’re like me, folding down the corner of a book page is unthinkable. Craft one of these stylish bookmarks instead to mark your place!

2. Book Clutch

Book Clutch Tutorial via See Kate Sew

Turn a beautiful used book into the cutest little handbag the literary world has ever seen.

3. Book Bling

mini book necklace
Via PaperSnake

How adorable are these tiny books? You could create a whole series of jewelry with these guys – necklaces, earrings, charm bracelets. Here are some DIY posts with tips for making your own mini books for jewelry.

4. Christmas in July

ornament1 ornaments2
Ornaments (Right) via Pinterest
Ornaments (Left) via Pinterest

Get a jump start on the holidays by fashioning one of these literary Christmas ornaments. Bonus points if you can find a used copy of A Christmas Carol for this craft project.

5. Garden Bricks

Book Bricks via HomeJelly

How adorable are these bricks painted to look like books? And what a perfect summer craft, since you can easily set up a crafting station outside to enjoy the beautiful weather while you work. Then use the book bricks to decorate your outdoor space.

6. Home Decor

candle holderpicture frame
Candle Holder via Think Crafts
Picture Frame via Wohler’s World

Decoupage is the best when it comes to book crafts. Use Mod Podge (or similar product) + old book pages to give a literary makeover to your favorite home decor pieces: candle holders, vases, picture frames, bowls, etc.

7. Fancy Feet

shoes comics shoes hp
Comic Shoes via IronSpy
Harry Potter Shoes via Pinterest

Whether you go for a colorful comic book or stick with basic text, how cool would it be to wear some of your favorite literature?

8. Book Totes

totes books
Tote Bag via Quirk Books

It’s no secret that the literary world loves tote bags, especially tote bags with clever sayings on them. You can re-create these bags with a blank tote and some fabric paint.

9. Book Jewelry, Part 2

bracelet pendants
Bracelets via BuzzFeed
Necklace via Mandipidy

These ideas use old book pages to create pendants and beads for your book-ish jewelry.

10. Book Stash

book crate
Book Crate via No Time for Flash Cards

Craft a crate to hold some of your favorite books, or maybe use it to store the titles currently on your TBR list.

11. TBR Jar

Via Alex in Leeds

Not sure what book from your TBR pile to read next? Let the TBR jar help you out. Write the names of all your TBR books onto little scraps of paper, and mix them up in the jar. When it’s time to read a new book, pick on at random.

12. Pages of Light

chandelier2 chandelier1
Chandelier (Left) via Pinterest
Chanedelier (Right) via Oh So Beautiful Paper

These are just two clever ways to turn old book pages into a fashionable and literary chandelier.

13. Skirt the Issue

Via Living with Punks

How adorable is this skirt? The instructions above are for a child, but it could easily be adapted to fit us big kids, too. Or use the same idea to make a quilt, instead.

* If, like me, you are not entirely comfortable with the idea of cutting up an old book to complete some of the above craft projects, fear not! I suggest scanning the book pages you want to use, then print those pages. If you don’t like the stark white paper, use tea to age it.

For the comments: Any other book-ish craft ideas? Tell us below!


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