The Rift by Chris Howard

After reading the mind bending ‘Rootless‘ (Rootless #1) and being left wondering where Banyan would end up next I have been waiting to read more of his story.  I was thrilled to find out that ‘The Rift’ had a release day of Arbor Day which ties in beautifully with the story.

The Rift cover

I suppose I should circle back to the beginning for you.  In Rootless, we met Banyan, a young tree builder who works alongside his dad to create trees out of found objects and scrap metal.  Sadly, Banyan’s father goes missing and after some difficult moments and interesting revelations Banyan starts off on what will be a thrilling but taxing journey to find his father.  Banyan will also disccover for himself what may or may not be the only place trees still grow.

Whatever you thought about how taxing Banyan’s journey was in ‘Rootless’ will leave you stunned by the discoveries and revelations as he continues to figure out how to handle the new responsibility of precious cargo.  Banyan is searching for the Promised Land and a place for the cargo.

While Banyan is the safekeeper he is also struggling to cope with the pain of losing those he loves.  I definitely think Banyan is someone I can relate to when he was making tough decisions that not only effect those around him.

The journey Banyan is on is difficult to look away from as I was trapped between wanting to know what would happen next but also wanting to clear a path for him and his hopes for the cargo he has in his possession.

As difficult as it was to wait from the time I originally read ‘Rootless’ as an advanced reader copy of a year ago to Arbor Day when ‘The Rift’ released I think it will be even more difficult to wait until the final part of Banyan’s journey is complete.  Chris has me intrigued and I know I won’t be able to forget what I’ve read anytime soon.


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