More Ideas for Book Promotions

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Expanding on last week’s post, here are even MORE ideas for ways to promote your book. I’d LOVE to work with any of you authors and/or publishers out there through my family business, Jag Forms, on coming up with fun, creative ways to promote your latest title(s).

Jag Forms

Last week, we featured some real-life examples of projects we’ve done for authors and publishers looking to promote their books. And in the past, we’ve talked about some popular promotional product ideas for books and authors.

Today, we want to share even more! These are some of our favorite ideas for authors and/or publishers to consider when promoting different books:

Character Swag

Maybe your character is known for wearing a plastic ring or a special charm bracelet. Or maybe he loves Hershey’s miniatures. Or maybe she wears a certain piece of jewelry, or has an iconic pair of sunglasses. Simon & Schuster recently sent out pairs of red heart-shaped sunglasses for Morgan Matson’s new book Since You’ve Been Gone. You’ll notice they’re the same sunglasses one of the characters is wearing on the book’s cover:

since you've been gonesince you've been gone mailer

Whatever this item is – why not produce it for your fans to wear…

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