John Corey Whaley: Noggin Q&A Part 3

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Today, we conclude our three-part interview with Noggin author John Corey Whaley with a round of flash questions! (See part 1 and part 2 here, in case you missed them.)

john corey whaley2Favorite decade?

1980s. In the 1980s you could sit on your mom’s lap while she drove and smoked cigarettes.

Favorite writing snack?

Mike and Ike’s.

Favorite Disney movie?

The Lion King.

The beach or the mountains?

Mountains. I live at the beach, but I’m obsessed with mountains.

Song that can always get you dancing?

Kids by MGMT.

Name five things on your desk (or in your writing space) right now. Send a picture, if possible.

I am literally sitting in a cabin in the mountains with bed head using a pillow as a desk. You get no photo. haha.

 Thanks again for taking the time to do this Q&A, Corey!



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