Steadfast by Claudia Gray – Witchy Writing Contest Winner

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To celebrate our March Book of the Month, we asked you to write a short 250-500 word story that involved witches or witchcraft. The winner will receive a copy of Steadfast and a Steadfast bookmark from Claudia Gray.

The winner is Rachelle Hayes and here is her winning story:

Kissing Frogs

“Hibbity, ribbity, bibbity, doy,
Change this frog back into a boy!”

I then threw my severed pig’s tongue – which I totally bought. I’d never cut out Wilbur’s tongue. Ick – into the gooey, slimy concoction I’d created in order for this spell to work.

I looked up from the nasty mess, which had begun to sparkle, and watched the hilariously ugly brown-speckled frog, turn into a shimmering mass of blue glitter. Either my spell officially worked, or I was going to have to explain my swirly-cloud prom date to my high school principal.

Thankfully the glitter died a quick and pretty death, leaving me with a very angry looking boy. I could tell he was extremely ticked off. And not just his-girlfriend-accidentally-set-fire-to-his-homework-again-while-trying-to-light-a-candle-with-her-mind angry, but more of a his-girlfriend-accidentally-slash-on-purpose-turned-him-into-a-frog-for-three-days kind of angry. His eyebrows were scrunched together so hard that they’d become one entity. His normally full and sexy lips were so pinched I couldn’t even see them, his eyes were sizzling, and his fists were clenched. It all totally contrasted with his normal good-guy persona.

Impressively, even with his jaw ticking he managed to talk. “Jess, I’m trying really hard right now not to yell at you,” he paused to let his nostrils flare, which in turn caused his dark hair to puff up a little where it hung down in front of his eyes, “but you turned me into a frog and I really don’t think I can stop it from coming out.”

“Umm…” Oh good job, Jess. Way to express all of your sincerest apologies. Take a deep breath. Let it out. Then talk.

“You know I didn’t mean it, Devin. I’m sorry. You just made me so angry and I wasn’t thinking and then I didn’t know how to change you back. And I had a frog as a boyfriend for THREE DAYS!” I totally hadn’t meant to bring out the waterworks. I knew that doing so was a huge relationship cheat. Devin couldn’t stand it when I cried. To be fair I’d only cried in front of him once, when Sasha the Cat died from being used as an impromptu sacrifice by a psycho warlock, but to cheer me up, and thus get me to stop crying, he’d taken me to Disneyland. It kind of worked, until I’d seen a stuffed Cheshire Cat and used my powers to unintentionally blow it up.

I heard him mutter, “Dammit, Jess,” while I was having my own pity-party behind my hands, inefficiently trying to hide my inappropriate tears. But Devin, being the sweet, loving, amazing boy that he is, came over and hugged me. Being wrapped up in his warmth again, instead of sleeping next to a frog, was more magical than any spell.

To lighten the mood a little I said, “You were such an ugly frog, too.”

Devin pulled back a little, to say what, I’d never know, because what came out of his mouth next had me seriously flabbergasted.

“Really, Jess? That’s what – Ribbit!”


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