The Best of Steadfast by Claudia Gray

Today, we are wrapping up our March Book of the Month – Steadfast by Claudia Gray. So to conclude things, here’s a look back at the best of our features this past month:

Steadfast Witchy Writing Contest

SteadfastWrite a short piece of flash fiction, 250-500 words max, about witches or witchcraft of some manner. Feel free to be creative, but the subject must somehow involve witches/witchcraft. See the complete rules & details here before entering. All entries are due by midnight (PT) tonight!

Why We Loved Steadfast

From our review:

When it comes to the supernatural YA genre, I think it’s safe to say Claudia Gray knows what she’s doing. She proves her mastery of the genre yet again with Steadfast, the second book in her Spellcaster series, which furthers an exciting plot line, shows seemingly effortless character development, and draws readers in even more to the shadows that lurk within Captive’s Sound.

See our full review here.

Beyond the Book

We delved deeper into the world of Steadfast with a look at real-life witches in U.S. history that influenced the book, plus Claudia shared her playlist for Steadfast with us.

Exclusives From Claudia Gray

Many thanks to Claudia for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some interview questions for us and send us a great guest post about pen names.

More to Read

Can’t get enough Claudia Gray? Me neither. Check out her other great books:

For the comments: What was your favorite feature this month?

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