Claudia Gray: Steadfast Q&A Part 3

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Today we conclude our three-part exclusive interview with Steadfast author Claudia Gray with a round of flash questions!

Claudia GrayFavorite decade?

Are you talking about in my life or generally? Historically, I’m very interested in 1910-1920. Personally … you know, I hope my favorite decade hasn’t happened yet.

Must-have writing snack?

Bananas. I am the anti-Lauren Oliver in this regard.

Favorite Disney movie?


The beach or the mountains?

The mountains. When I’m on vacation I want peace and serenity, and I feel like beaches are supposed to be peaceful but mostly are pretty loud and crazy. But in the mountains, you can really relax. Plus I love beautiful scenery!

Song that can always get you dancing?

“Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Is there anyone who doesn’t have to dance the minute they hear that song?

Name 5 things currently on your desk (or in your writing space)

One – some ARCs that are contest prizes, which I’m mailing out tomorrow.

Two – my mother’s chihuahua, ChaCha, whom I am dog-sitting this month.

Three: a lamp shaped like a pug, which I swear to you is more attractive than it sounds.

Four: My collection of the little presents readers have brought me on tours – a koala pen and various drawings and a wee mini-Bianca. 🙂

Five – a piece of art I bought a couple of years ago and just adore. it’s a piece in cloth, showing a little green man being embraced by a guy in a spacesuit, and it asks the important question, Why Don’t We Abduct The Aliens First?

Thanks again for stopping by, Claudia!

Sara | Novel Novice

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