Claudia Gray: Steadfast Q&A Part 2


Today we bring you part 2 of our three-part exclusive interview with Steadfast author Claudia Gray.

SteadfastWe know Nadia loves chocolate. What sort of magical powers do you think chocolate might possess?

Chocolate seems to have the power to provide both comfort and energy. Very few things offer that combination, really, and you so often need both! That’s as good as magic, if you ask me.

Claudia GrayLet’s play fandom crossover for a moment. If Nadia were accepted as a student at Hogwarts, what house do you think she would be sorted into and why?

Nadia would definitely be a Ravenclaw. She works hard for her knowledge, trusts the rule books, and can get too hung up in the details. Mateo’s the Gryffindor of the group — both in terms of courage and sometimes going off half-cocked. For Hufflepuff we have Verlaine, who has zero magical powers but somehow manages to keep up with all the rest. And can there be any doubt that Asa’s a Slytherin?

You have another book coming out later this year, A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU. There isn’t even an official synopsis out yet, but to entice readers, give us your 140-character Twitter pitch.

The daughter of two famous scientists chases her father’s killer through alternate dimensions, never knowing what world comes next.

We’ll talk to Claudia more about A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU later this month. Meanwhile, check out part 3 of our Q&A on Friday!

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