Claudia Gray: Steadfast Q&A Part 1

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Today, I am delighted to bring you part 1 of our three-part exclusive interview with Steadfast author Claudia Gray. Claudia is super busy these days, promoting her new book, writing & revising new books, and more — so we’re very happy to have her take the time to chat with us. Thanks for stopping by, Claudia!

SteadfastIn the SPELLCASTER books, Nadia and the other witches use emotions and memories as “ingredients” to cast their spells. What powers do you think emotions and memories give us?

Memories — and the emotions inseparable from them — provide so much of our sense of who we are, and our understanding of what’s going to happen next. In the SPELLCASTER trilogy, by drawing on all these memories, a witch is always saying, This moment was important; this experience mattered. She constantly has to discover what these events in her past really mean to her.

The rest of us don’t get to work literal magic with our memories, but I think we use them to shape our relationships and our realities. Sometimes this works against us — thinking the new guy is cheating just because the old one did, or reminding ourselves constantly of our failures rather than our successes. But we also get so much of our strength from remembering difficulties we’ve overcome, or all the people who have loved us. For me, anyway, it makes sense that, in the world of the paranormal, memories might possess even greater power.

Claudia GrayWhat emotion do you think is the most powerful?

In the immediate moment, I often think our worst emotions win out. Not hate — hate takes time — but fear and pride can seize us in a split second. But in the long run, over time, I think both love and gratitude have the power to change us tremendously, for the better. (Gratitude gets less attention, but I think it’s equally important.)

If you could conjure any one spell, what would it be and what “ingredients” would it require?

If I could conjure any one spell:

A Spell For Sleep


  • a quiet room
  • a peaceful landscape
  • being held with love

OK, sleep might not seem like the flashiest thing to create via magic … but when you’ve had chronic insomnia as long as I have, you see how awesome this spell would be.

Tune in Wednesday for Part 2 of our Q&A!

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