Arcadia Falls by Kai Meyer

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You’ll never look at a staple gun the same way again after reading Arcadia Falls by Kai Meyer, the action-packed conclusion to this thrilling paranormal YA mafia saga.

arcadia fallsMafia clan leader Rosa Alcantara’s life is falling apart: everyone she loves is dead and everything she’s ever known about her family is a lie. Even so, Rosa and her boyfriend, rival leader Alessandro Carnevare, refuse to give up on their love for each other. On the run from their adversaries and searching for answers, Rosa and Alessandro begin to unravel the secret behind the conspiracy to keep them apart: an ancient prophecy that predicted the destruction of all Arcadia.

As the clock ticks down to their own destruction, it’s a race against time for the young lovers as they evade murderers, track down clues, and avoid a showdown with the man who wants them dead.

The pair must find out the truth behind Arcadia once and for all—but will it be the key to unlocking their freedom and future together, or the final step in bringing them to their knees?

Arcadia Falls builds upon the intrigue that Meyer created and developed throughout the first two books in this series. Originally published in German, much credit should go to the American translator, Anthea Bell, who does a brilliant job of not only capturing the edge-of-your-seat action that Meyer has created — but offering up lush, detailed and descriptive prose that makes for an all-over delightful reading experience.

Meyer excels at seeing his characters develop and face challenges head-on, in a realistic manner — despite the story’s paranormal elements. His teenage characters are multifaceted and fascinating to read about, much more so because of the unique situation they are facing. After all, most YA heroes are not leaders of mafia clans and willing to kill if necessary.

Besides plenty of action and and a lightning-fast pace, Arcadia Falls also sees plenty of surprises as the plot unfolds — with the story of Rosa and Alessandro coming full circle. We learn the truth along with them — about the Arcadians, their families, and their own fate.

Arcadia Falls is in stores February 11th.


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