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Today, I’m really excited to share our brand-new, exclusive Q&A with author Lissa Price, whose new book Enders is now in stores! I had the fortune of meeting Lissa a couple years ago, when I was her author coordinator for Portland’s Wordstock Festival. Lissa is just a fab lady, and a pretty fantastic author, too. Today, we talk about the conclusion to her two-book dystopian series and what’s next for her!

enders finalIt feels like I’ve been waiting forever to read ENDERS … what’s it been like writing your sequel?

This was the first sequel I’d ever written. I knew the readers would want the kind of twists and surprises that Starters offered, and early response is that it delivers. It begins soon after Starters ends, and we are right back with Callie, seeing the world through her eyes. She may have prevailed by the end of the first book, but the Old Man can still access her chip and control her, as well as the others – no one is safe. She meets a new guy who claims he’s the only one who can help her defeat the Old Man. But can she trust him?

lissa priceStarters hit the market at the peak of the dystopian trend in YA, but made its mark by standing out. What do you think sets this series apart from other dystopian series?

Readers say that they love feeling like they’re right inside Callie’s skin. I wrote this as a thriller, so I kept the pacing tight because I wanted readers to be on the edge of their seats, unable to put it down. I wanted to present a concept that felt fresh to set the reader’s imagination on fire. And I wanted to hold their interest by avoiding the predictable, instead layering in turns and a big surprise twist.

As you’ve been out and about the last year or so, promoting Starters, what has been the best feedback or reaction you’ve gotten from readers so-far?

I’ve had so many wonderful experiences – from having girls line up an hour ahead to meet me in Istanbul, to a crowd of teens at the Turin Book Festival demanding a signing when none was planned. But the single best feedback has to come from a fan in Brazil who emailed me she was unsuccessful getting her younger brother to read. She had tried Potter, Hunger Games, nothing worked until he spotted Starters in her room. He read it in a few days and then wanted more. Her whole family wrote to thank me for turning him into a reader. Someday, I’ll get to meet him.

Give us your 140-character “Twitter” pitch for Enders – why should readers check it out?

Callie discovers Starters being used as human bombs. She teams up w/ a mysterious guy and uncovers the shocking truth behind the Old Man.

(exactly 140!)

So any word on what you’re working on next? What can we look forward to?

I’m working on a new project that will also be a YA futuristic thriller, but of course involving a different kind of world. I am very excited about this, I wish I could tell you all about it. But for now it remains a secret.

About the Author:

LISSA PRICE is the award-winning, international bestselling author of the YA futuristic thriller series, Starters and ENDERS, from Random House. Starters was deemed “science fiction at its best” by the Los Angeles Times and Dean Koontz called it “a smart, inventive, altogether gripping story.”  It made numerous Top Ten lists in the US and abroad, was a Scholastic Book Club pick, and won awards in Germany and the Netherlands for Best YA Thriller.

Lissa has appeared on numerous panels including the LA Times Festival of Books and Comic-Con, and taught workshops at SCBWI and the La Jolla Writer’s Conference where she’ll be a keynote speaker in 2014. In 2013, she toured Europe for her foreign publishers.

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