The Theory of Everything: Mix Tape Week – “Questions & Quantum”

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All this week, we are featuring guest posts from Kari Luna, author of The Theory of Everything — spotlighting playlists/mixtapes featured in the book, and giving you a chance to win an amazing prize pack!

Questions and Quantum


Theoretical physics wouldn’t be theoretical without questions, right? Sophie’s Dad had them. Sophie has them, too – scientific and other wise. This mix isn’t just about  the possibilities of time and space, it’s about the possibilities of the mind. Does having a shaman panda that no one else can see make you crazy? If the cafeteria ladies cover the Ramones and no one else witnesses it, did it actually happen?

Mental – and scientific – landscapes are open to interpretation. In this mix, there are two ways to get to the bottom of things. One? Ask questions. And two? Dance it all away. There’s pretty much nothing a good dose of Blondie and Gang of Four won’t fix. (Bonus: Roxy Music! Bryan Ferry. Swoon.)

Questions and Quantum
Ask – The Smiths
One Way or Another – Blondie
Rock ‘N’ Roll High School – The Ramones
Natural’s Not In It – Gang of Four
Dancing With Myself – Generation X
Six Different Ways – The Cure
All In My Mind – Love and Rockets
Love Is The Drug – Roxy Music

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