Sean Beaudoin: Wise Young Fool Q&A Part 1

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Today, we are thrilled to be bringing you part 1 of our three-part interview with Wise Young Fool author Sean Beaudoin. Tune in throughout the rest of the week to see the rest!

wise young fool finalCan you tell us a bit about how WISE YOUNG FOOL came to be? What sparked the idea for this book?

Well, I grew up on the grounds of a mental hospital. Really. My father worked in the state prison system and my mother was a psychiatric nurse. So for a very long time I’ve wanted to write something about juvenile detention. Ritchie Sudden, the main character of Wise Young Fool, spends one half of the book incarcerated. We see this through journal entries he keeps. But I also am a barely-competent musician who played in a variety of lousy bands, so I didn’t have to try to hard to recreate the rock and roll stuff. The other half of the book is all about the life of a fledgling musician. Sex, drugs, groupies, leather, broken strings, and the eternal quest for the perfect solo.

sean beaudoin2Your book trailer is honestly one of the most amazing book trailers I’ve ever seen. Well, you seem to have awesome trailers for all of your books — but this one is particularly fantastic. Where you involved at all in the creation of it? Tell us what you think!

Hey, thanks! I’m really happy with it too. I came up with the concept and wrote the script. My friend Angelo Gianni at the awesome Augmented Fourth Productions handled all the animation and production. Another friend Mike Nesi (actually, we all went to high school together), who is in the killer Brooklyn band GROWLER, lent me the song for the soundtrack.

At the end of WISE YOUNG FOOL, your narrator offers up a critical analysis of the 25 worst band names ever. If you were to be in band, what would YOU call it … and how do you think Ritchie would feel about your name?

If I were in a band right now, I would name it The Torrentials. We would play extremely fast and loud hillbilly/shoe-gaze, including lots of cello solos. I am quite sure Ritchie would hate the name.

Have you seen Ritchie Sudden?

He lives in my basement on a diet of near-beer and Triscuits.

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