Exclusive Sneak Peek at: Dark Craving by Veronica Wolff (A Watchers Novella)

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What’s better than the next novel in The Watchers series by Veronica Wolff? How about a novella from the series that’s from RONAN’S PERSPECTIVE!

keep, theOh yeah, Dark Craving is coming in December 2013 — and we’ve got your exclusive sneak peek at the novella right here.

We’ve followed Annelise Drew’s journey as she’s fought to survive the Isle of Night.

Now it’s time to hear Ronan’s side of the story.

Tracer Ronan has cared for only one person in his life: Charlotte, his sister. With her death, a consuming desire for revenge and destruction ignited in his heart. But when new recruit Annelise Drew arrives on the island, Ronan finds he craves more than revenge. She is a threat to his mission, his sanity, and his heart. Now Ronan will need every ounce of will and strength to avenge his sister and prove where his true allegiance lies.

Tracer Ronan shares his secrets with no one. But will he survive his darkest cravings?

Read the first four pages of Dark Craving HERE!

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