Bubble World by Carol Snow

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If life seems to good to be true, chances are your bubble is about to burst … at least, that’s the case in Bubble World by Carol Snow.

bubble worldFreesia’s life is perfect. She lives on the beautiful tropical island of Agalinas, surrounded by idyllic weather, fancy dress shops, and peacocks who sing her favorite song to wake her up in the morning. She has so many outfits she could wear a different one every day for a year and not run out.

Lately things on the island may have been a bit flippy: sudden blackouts, students disappearing, even Freesia’s reflection looking slightly . . . off. But in Freesia’s experience, it’s better not to think about things like that too much.

Unfortunately for her, these signs are more than random blips in the universe. Freesia’s perfect bubble is about to pop.

At times, I felt like I was living in a bubble while reading Bubble World. It’s an interesting concept, but I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this book.

The premise is fascinating — and there’s an obvious lesson about living in the real world and not getting too obsessed with “virtual” online activity. But if you’re looking for more than just a moral story, I’m not sure this is it. Because the main characters have been living in a virtual bubble world, they are a little bit … well, lacking as people. And that makes it hard to connect with them.

Yes, Freesia loves her little sister dearly. And yes, she has a hankering for junk food. (She is a teenager and a girl. Duh.) But beyond that, she mostly seems interested in boys and fashion and it all comes across a little bit vapid.

The more interesting parts of the book definitely stem from the more insidious side of this bubble world — and the “conspiracy” Freesia uncovers. But ultimately, the villainous creator of bubble world comes off a bit cartoonish (you can practically see him twirling his mustache), and it all comes down to Freesia just wanting a nice, normal life with boys and cute clothes.

Bubble World is in stores July 30th.

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