What we loved about Blood Fever by Veronica Wolff

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Every Monday during the month of July, we’re telling you what we love about a book in The Watchers series by Veronica Wolff. Today, it’s all about book 3: Blood Fever. Here’s what we said in our original review:

blood feverAll the drama, action, and romance of Veronica Wolff’s The Watchers series returns in its third — and quite possibly, best installment yet, Blood Fever.

So WHY did we say that? Here’s more about what we loved about Blood Fever:

  • The sexiness of Drew’s suitors is amped up this time, with the Scottish rogue vampire Carden in full seduction mode
  • Wolff continues to simultaneously peel back and build up the mystery of the Isle of Night
  • Leaves readers hanging onto every word and waiting eagerly for the next installment

For the comments: If you’ve read Blood Fever, tell us what you loved about it!

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