Book Review: Brother, Brother by Clay Carmichael

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What happens when your entire world is turned upside down? That’s exactly the dilemma facing Billy “Brother” Grace in Clay Carmichael’s Brother, Brother, a stunning story of self-discovery.

brother brotherThe day his grandmother dies, seventeen-year-old Billy “Brother” Grace discovers that he has a twin who has recently made headlines by nearly overdosing on drugs. His twin also happens to be the son of a powerful senator. His newly discovered family may not be all that interested in a cheery reunion, but Brother is determined to get answers. When he arrives on the secluded island off the coast of North Carolina where the senator and his family live, sparks will fly, old resentments will be released, and secrets revealed. Part coming-of-age story, part love story, this is a book about finding out that who you are and where you come from aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Brother, Brother is a lovely little quiet, slow-paced book that is just a treasure and a treat to read. This is a book that’s not so much about action and adventure as it is about the characters that inhabit its pages. Brother, his friends, and the strangers he encounters throughout his journey. Carmichael has put together a cast of characters that are unique and engaging — whether they’re the ones you love or hate.

Carmichael writes with an easy grace that entices the reader. Despite the story’s slow pace, this book sucks you in and refuses to let you go. Sure, it’s a quiet story — but it is gripping and engaging. Every little moment builds and builds until a truly incredible climax.

And truly, by the end of this beautiful journey, I just wanted to linger in Brother’s world and see where he went next.

Brother, Brother is in stores July 30th.

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