Veronica Wolff: The Watchers Q&A Part 1

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Today, we bring you part 1 of our exclusive Q&A with The Watchers series author Veronica Wolff. Thanks to Veronica for stopping by!

isle of nightTHE WATCHERS books are by no means your first — but it is your first for teens. What (if anything) did you change in your writing approach when moving from adult to YA?

There are a few things that have changed for me. It’s very freeing to feel I no longer need to hit certain beats or milestones in my story. Not to say that romance is formulaic—not at all—but in a romance, two people need to fall in love, and on the last page the reader needs a sense of a Happily Ever After. And although there is definitely romance afoot in my Watchers series, it’s been a real pleasure to be able to tease it out, making the reader wonder who Drew will end up with, or even if she’ll have a happy ending. *Spoiler: I’m a romance author at heart; I like happy endings. 😉

Veronica WolffWhat made you decide to approach THE WATCHERS series as a YA series, rather than adult?

I’ve become obsessed with the YA genre. I love how I begin reading each book with no expectations—there are no set rules to follow in any given story and so anything can happen. But mostly I relish how intense the emotions can be, particularly as a character is experiencing things for the first time. I enjoy reading (and writing) a young woman’s journey as she’s figuring out the world and herself in it.

You’ve got such a great, unique approach to your vampires — but vampires, in some form, have been popular for centuries. What is it about them that you think remains so appealing to audiences?

Thanks…but, oh, that’s a hard question! I think people are generally drawn to questions of power or death, and vampires are the ultimate exploration of both of those things. I mean, an immortal creature who’s hard to kill…talk about the ultimate example of strength. And with power, comes great conflict. A vampire character will ultimately struggle with questions of morality, boredom, allegiance, cruelty, love.

I also think part of the fascination—at least for historical-loving me—comes from a longing for times past, of well-read gentlemen in finely tailored clothes who speak many languages and would prefer a waltz to wi-fi.

Finally, if we’re talking a vampire romance, then watching as someone chooses a partner and that choice is literally for forever, then that’s some story.

So the guys in your books? SWOON! Tell us about writing such sexy, sexy characters.

You just made my day. 🙂 I love writing strong, loyal men. Period. And it’s a major bonus to me if readers find them sexy. I think when writing a swoon-worthy guy, it all comes down to the little things. When we see an alpha male performing some tiny, thoughtful gesture that shows how much he peers into someone’s heart and truly sees—it doesn’t get much better than that.

Tune in on Friday for our flash questions with Veronica!

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