The Watchers Series by Veronica Wolff: Winning Ingredients

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What makes The Watchers series by Veronica Wolff so captivating to read? Well, here are some of the key ingredients in all four books — which, I think, are part of their success!

isle of nightStrong Female Characters

Sure, our main character Drew is a kick-ass chica … but she’s not the only one. She lives on a whole island of strong ladies, who must fight to survive every day — against each other, and the vampires who would be their masters. Not all of these ladies are so nice, but they are strong and powerful young women.

vampire's kissAction

These books are anything but a slow read — the action starts almost immediately and very rarely does it slow down for more than a second. You will be racing through the pages just to keep up with Drew and the others as they face every new twist and turn that Wolff throws at them.

blood feverRomance

And when things do slow down as far as action, they heat up in terms of romance. These books are SEXY! Wolff has created some really smoldering guys for readers to swoon over, just as Drew does throughout the books. You’ll have your favorite, no doubt, but there are definitely lots of dreamy fictional dudes to catch your attention.

keep, theMystery & Intrigue

At the heart, each book in The Watchers series is a little bit of a thriller. As each plot unfolds, so do more mysteries. This intrigue hooks readers and keeps them turning the pages, racing to find out what’s next. Wolff’s brilliantly plotted cliffhanger endings only add to the desire to keep reading more, more, more.

For the comments: If you’ve read The Watchers series, tell us what elements YOU like most!

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