Blog Tour Scavenger Hunt: Abandon by Elana Johnson

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Today, I’m pleased to be hosting one of the stops on the Possession series scavenger hunt! Author Elana Johnson is stopping by today with a guest blog about her series — the third and final book, Abandon, hit store shelves last week. (And if you haven’t read Possession yet, the e-book is available for only $3.99 today only!)


Okay, so as part of the Possession series, there are two short stories, RESIST (free here) and REGRET (only 99 cents here). I had never written short stories before these, and I found them to be relaxing and fun. Not only that, but they give unique perspectives of some important secondary characters in the series.

I’ve wanted to write a third short story for about a year. I want to use Starr Messenger as the narrator, because she’s so fascinating to me—and she gets hardly any page time in Surrender.

I know she’s been working against the government for a long time, and I think she definitely has a story that could fill in some gaps between Surrender and ABANDON, as well as round out the story that happens in the third book. An extension, if you will.

Starr is a key player in a lot of ways, running things inside Freedom while Jag and Zenn take care of business beyond the wall. She’s in everyone’s pocket, and she has the ability to get information no one else can. One of the major things she does in ABANDON is fly to the city of Baybridge to take care of Resistance business there. Neither Jag nor Zenn knows what she’s doing there, and I’ve always wanted to write that story.

I think it could be full of danger and intrigue, and provide another point-of-view to how individuals beyond Jag Barque have been able to influence the revolution toward freedom.

The problem is, I’ve never found any time to write it. And now that ABANDON is out, I’m afraid I never will. Stranger things have been known to happen, but yeah.

Today’s scavenger hunt can begin here! Somewhere on this map of the Association is the winning city. I’ve mentioned here in this post, and you can find references to it in all of today’s posts. (See complete blog tour here.)

When you know today’s scavenger hunt city, enter it in this form for a chance to win one of six Possession series paperback packages and a $50 Amazon gift card!

Continue the scavenger hunt at Little Library Muse, where Latoya has an exclusive excerpt from Jag (that includes Starr) in ABANDON–with another clue for today’s city!

As if that weren’t enough, there will be a daily winner of Possession series swag! Enter in the Rafflecopter here.

If you get lost, you can always go to Elana’s blog to find your place. Happy hunting!

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