Christopher Healy: Hero’s Guide Q&A Part 3

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We’ve reached the end of our exclusive Q&A with Hero’s Guide author Christopher Healy, in which he answers our flash questions!

Christopher HealyWhat did you have for breakfast today?

Oh, man. I just got back from London, so if you’d asked this yesterday, I would say a full English breakfast with eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, beans, tomato, coffee, and scones. But since I’ve come home to a house with a virtually empty fridge, my answer is Cheerios.

What is the most annoying song you’ve ever had stuck in your head?

Ever? Wow, there have been so many. But at this moment, I feel like saying “Mambo #5.”

Favorite type of Halloween candy?

Hershey’s Miniatures. More specifically, Krackle.

Best cartoon, period. What is it?

The more times I see it—and I’ve watched the entire run several times with my kids—the more I come to think of it as one of the greatest things that has ever been on television. Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, or The Hulk?

If you’re forcing me to choose, I’ve always had a soft spot for Captain America’s mix of heroics and dorkiness. But let’s be honest: The true awesomeness comes when all four are together.

Avengers, assemble!

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