Christopher Healy: Hero’s Guide Q&A Part 2

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It’s time for part 2 of our exclusive Q&A with The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle author Christopher Healy!

Christopher HealyWe know there will be a third book with our favorite Princes … any chance you’d share what we can expect? A taste of what’s in store for the Princes?

Well, without giving away too much… the princes will go from heroes to fugitives when someone is unjustly accused of a heinous crime.

I heard you talk about this at Wordstock last year, but for our readers here — can you tell us a bit about the movie process, with the first HERO’S GUIDE being optioned by Fox Animation. Specifically, the idea of other artists imagining the characters in lieu of artist Todd Harris’s illustrations.

Todd’s illustrations are so amazing—and they matched up so remarkably with my own initial images of the characters—that it’s hard for me to mentally untether them from the story. So it will definitely be a surreal experience for me to see my characters depicted by someone else. But the animators at Blue Sky Studios (Fox’s animation wing) are incredible artists and innovators. I trust them completely with my characters. And as excited as was when I first learned they’d be working on Hero’s Guide, that sense of bubbly anticipation has tripled ever since I saw the trailer for Epic. Have you seen it? That is honestly some of the best CGI animation I’ve ever laid eyes on. So while I have no idea how much the animators will base their character designs on Todd’s artwork, I’m beyond thrilled by the prospect of seeing their interpretations.

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(C) Todd Harris

I think it’s similar in a way to hearing the audiobook. When I first heard that Bronson Pinchot would be performing Hero’s Guide, I was super-excited simply because it was Bronson Pinchot. But I was still trepidatious when it came to first hearing the recording. I have all these characters’ voices in my head and wasn’t ready to hear anyone give them new voices. But Bronson’s reading was a tour de force. And now I can’t wait to hear him do Storming the Castle. It helped a lot in me mentally preparing to see new visual interpretations of my characters.

Have you thought at all about what you want to work on after the HERO’S GUIDE series?

Yes. But I can’t say much right now. All I can tell you is that it will be very different from Hero’s Guide. You can expect a similar sense of humor (since that’s just my sense of humor), but my next book will have a contemporary setting and nothing to do with fairy tales.

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