The Best of The Program by Suzanne Young

april2013 The Program botm banner

It’s a bittersweet day for us here at Novel Novice — because while it marks the end of our April Book of the Month featuring The Program by Suzanne Young — the book is also now in stores!!!

So with that celebratory feel in mind, here’s a look back at highlights from this month’s features:

The Program-Inspired Writing Contest

Imagine your memories have been stolen from you. Write 250-500 words about what your life is like after losing your memories. What’s it like day-to-day? Meeting people you may or may not already know? Figuring out who you are?

Entries are due by midnight (PT) tonight – but check out the complete rules & details before you enter.

Q&A with Suzanne Young

The Program Extra Goodies

Educational & Informational Resources

Beyond The Program

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