Poison by Bridget Zinn: Essay & Project Ideas


Today we’re bringing you some essay and project ideas for using Poison by Bridget Zinn in the classroom. Be sure to add your own suggestions in the comments below!

poisonEssay Topics:

  • Study the elements of a classic fairy tale, and examine how these elements are used throughout Poison
  • Discuss how Poison uses elements of a classic fairy tale, while also breaking the rules of classic fairy tales
  • Study the history of poisons, and discuss some practical poisons that Kyra might have actually learned how to use.

Project Ideas:

  • Bridget Zinn passed away before she could write a sequel to Poison. Draft up an outline of what you think would happen in the sequel — or even write your own sequel.
  • Cover model Shanna Grace described an intricate 12-piece costume she wore for the photo shoot. Create your own version of Kyra’s costume, and explain how you made it.
  • Rosie the pig is oh-so-cute. Make your own version of Rosie – get crafty!
  • Draw your own version of a map of the Kingdom of Mohr
  • Read up about the life of Bridget Zinn, and help continue her legacy by spreading the word about Poison: write a book report for school; donate a copy to your local library or a local charity; gift a copy to friends or family.

For the comments: Share even more ideas for using Poison in the classroom!

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