Inara Scott: “It’s In the Book” – Guest Blog for Poison by Bridget Zinn

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Normally when we host a book of the month at Novel Novice, we try to feature interviews and guest posts from the author. But sadly, Bridget Zinn, author of Poison, passed away two years ago from cancer. So all this week, we’ve invited other YA authors who were friends with Bridget to stop by Novel Novice as guest bloggers on her behalf.

Today, we are honored to share this post from Inara Scott, author of The Talents series and other books.

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It’s In the Book
By Inara Scott

poisonI’ve thought a lot about what kind of blog I wanted to put up to describe Poison, and its beautiful author Bridget Zinn. I thought about describing how joyful Bridget was, or how much her courage and positive energy inspired me. I thought about discussing the Portland YA community, and how Bridget was one of the first people to welcome me into the fold.

But then my copy of Poison arrived in the mail, and the first thing I did was put that book in the hands of my ten year-old daughter. She was home sick from school, feeling miserable and sorry for herself. Everything changed when she started reading. I was sitting in my office when I heard the first giggle. Then another. Then she yelled, “Mom, I love this book!” Then came into the room to read me a passage.

Inara ScottNeedless to say, she loved it. She loved the humor and the adventure, the kick-butt heroine, and the dialog between the memorable cast of characters. When I asked her favorite thing about the book she said that the book made her realize how important a little thing can be.

At the end of the day, the book was done. I had already explained that Bridget was a friend of mine who had passed away, but I don’t think that sunk in until she asked if there would be a sequel. “No,” I said gently. “Bridget isn’t here to write it.” She became very quiet. Then she patted my arm. “You must miss her,” she said. “I bet she was a really nice person. She wrote a really amazing book.”

Authors are more than the books we write, but in many ways books reflect our deepest selves. I know many people reading this blog didn’t ever get to know Bridget. I only knew her after her cancer diagnosis, and I know I missed out on a lot. But if you want to get to know her spirit, her humor, or her caring, you can. It’s in the book.

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