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Normally when we host a book of the month at Novel Novice, we try to feature interviews and guest posts from the author. But sadly, Bridget Zinn, author of Poison, passed away two years ago from cancer. So all this week, we’ve invited other YA authors who were friends with Bridget to stop by Novel Novice as guest bloggers on her behalf.

Today, we are honored to share this post from Suzanne Young, author of the upcoming The Program, A Need So Beautiful and other books.

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by Suzanne Young

Cyndi Koon, Suzanne Young & Bridget Zinn (l-r)
Cyndi Koon, Suzanne Young & Bridget Zinn (l-r)

There are times when all I want is a book to make me smile. And Bridget Zinn’s novel, POISON, does just that.

I was lucky enough to be friends with Bridget. This isn’t something I say lightly, because the time I spent with her in Portland inspired me beyond words. There are people who can make you feel all kinds of things, and Bridget’s unique talent was she brought happiness and hope wherever she went. A person overflowing with a love for life, taken too soon.
Although Bridget isn’t here to bless us with her charm any more, her book does just that. POISON is thick with a sort of magic reserved for the best playdates with our imagination. I can hear her in the pages, the genuine charisma. POISON is a gem on the YA shelves, making you smile, and cheer, and wish for a piglet of your very own.
Bridget Zinn & husband Barrett
Bridget Zinn & husband Barrett

Bridget’s spirit lives on in her book—reaching more people than I’m sure she dreamed possible. Inspiring them, the way she inspired me. If you haven’t already, I hope you pick up a copy of POISON by the lovely Bridget Zinn, and fall in love. And smile.

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