Megan Shepherd: The Madman’s Daughter Q&A Part 3

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Today, we conclude our exclusive Q&A with The Madman’s Daughter author Megan Shepherd with her responses to our flash questions. If you missed them, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Megan ShepherdLiving or dead, who would you like to have dinner with?

Mark Twain.

Pizza toppings?

Just mushrooms. I know, thrilling.

Private concert: who’s playing?

My husband on a guitar.

Perfect vacation?

Currently I’m obsessed with the idea of sailing around Greece and Turkey.

Look at your desk right now. Name five things within reach. 

  1. Cat.
  2. Photos of famous actors I use to base characters on.
  3. A friend’s daughter’s drawing of The Madman’s Daughter cover.
  4. Mug of Egyptian licorice tea.
  5. Post-it notes.

Thanks, Megan!

Sara | Novel Novice

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