Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

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Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes is a fast-paced, engaging tale of four young people who find their fates intertwined.

falling kingdomsCleo is a princess raised in luxury who must embark on a dangerous journey into enemy territory in search of a magic that is thought to be extinct in order to save her dying sister whom she desperately loves.

Jonas is angry at the injustice served upon his neighbors and family when he suddenly finds himself the leader of a rebellion against these oppressions.

Lucia was adopted at birth into a royal family and discovers that she has a magical powers from a past that she will learn to use. A magical past that her father and his mistress have been waiting to be revealed.

And then there is Magnus, with an unnatural love for his sister that will bring out the aggressiveness and cruelty in him.

Four separate people from four separate lands whose stories overlay each other to create a tale that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next installment. This is one story that you’ll stay up all night reading.

Falling Kingdoms is in stores today.


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  1. I am DYING to read this book! I hear so many good things. I’ve been trying to win a copy on their blog tour, but if I don’t win a copy I am totally buying it with my holiday money 🙂 Great review. Thanks!

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