The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: Our Favorite Twi-Friends

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Easily our favorite part of being involved in The Twilight Saga fandom is the friendships we developed with other fans and other fan site admins. Even as we transitioned to our current website, Novel Novice (from original fan site Novel Novice Twilight), we maintained our virtual friendships with members of the Twilight fandom. And likewise, we continued to see their love and support as we grew our website here.

So today, we want to give a big warm shout-out to our bestest and longest friends in the Twilight fandom! In no particular order …

Amanda Bell of Twilight Examiner

We’ve long been fans of Amanda’s Twilight Examiner column — and we LOVE seeing her expand now into other fandoms, as well. Look for her Hunger Games column District 14 at Next Movie, as well as her articles from Divergent Examiner and Vampire Diaries Examiner.

Heidi Bennett of Twilight Facebook

Heidi has become a really good friend — and a trusted source of book recommendations for me. Be sure to check out Heidi’s book blog The Readiacs, and get ready to read HER book, Forever My Girl (written as Heidi McLaughlin), coming out December 27th!!

Laura & Lori of Twilight Lexicon

Without the support of these gals, Novel Novice might have never been. They originally featured Novel Novice Twilight on the Lexicon, and helped spur a massive growth in our following. They continued to support us, even as we transitioned to Novel Novice. We know these ladies are big fans of other books we feature — but we’ll always love them for the on-going and continued support they’ve shown us!

Kimmy West of His Golden Eyes (now Page to Premiere)

We love Kimmy’s energy and love for all-things books and movies. And we love how she’s transitioned her site from the original His Golden Eyes into Page to Premiere, a great one-stop-shop for all things book-to-movie adaptations. We’re also big fans of Kimmy’s performance in this short video adaptation of a scene from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Lauren Marie Suero of Twilight Facebook

And last but certainly not least — a big shout out to Lauren, who was my personal tour guide behind-the-scenes when I hit up the Official Twilight Convention when it came through Portland a few years ago. And besides sharing a love of Twilight and other great books, Lauren’s also my go-to source for all things related to Kate Spade.

For the comments: Who are YOUR favorite Twi-friends?


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