Book Review: GODS AND WARRIORS by Michelle Paver

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For today’s Middle Grade Monday post, I asked one of my 10 year old,  middle grade reviewers to give me his thoughts on GODS AND WARRIORS, by Michelle Paver. This is a book I began to read earlier this month, and I have to say, I couldn’t agree more with Drew’s recommendation. But I’ll let him speak for himself:

Review by Drew, Age 10

While I was reading GODS AND WARRIORS, I realized that survival is harder than I thought. The main character, Hylas, went through a lot in this book. He has to fight off a shark. Hylas also had to escape the blood-thirsty Crows because they were trying to kill him. I thought this part of GODS AND WARRIORS was packed full of action.

In the beginning of GODS AND WARRIORS, Hylas’s village was invaded by the very bad Crows who kidnapped his sister, Issi. While fleeing his village and the Crows, a mysterious Outsider handed Hylas a bronze dagger. From this point on, the adventure never ends. Hylas must find a way to get his sister back and survive the wrath of the Crows.

Michelle Paver wrote a perfect book for kids ages ten and up who love fantasy adventure books. I would recommend GODS AND WARRIORS. You can buy this wonderful book beginning September 4, 2012 at or at bookstores everywhere. If you loved the Percy Jackson Series, then you will love the Gods and Warriors Series too. Happy reading!


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3 responses to “Book Review: GODS AND WARRIORS by Michelle Paver

  1. Well…I am fan of Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. Though, it’s lil bit disappointed that she jump into this mythology thingy…but, I will definitely wait for this book.

  2. Brilliant review Drew. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know parents of kids your age will be grateful for your view of this book. Keep up the great work!

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