Elise Allen: “In My First Year As A Published Novelist”

Today, we are thrilled to be helping celebrate the paperback release of Populazzi by Elise Allen — a fun book we first reviewed when it came out last year. Now, we’re hosting an exclusive guest blog from Elise as she reflects on the last year as a debut novelist. Welcome, Elise!

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On August 7th, 2012, my debut novel, Populazzi, started its new life as a paperback release.  This time last year, I was a neurotic pretzel of uncertainty, wondering constantly, “What will it be like when my book comes out?”

Now, twelve months later, thanks to Sara here at Novel Novice, the story can be told.

In My First Year As A Published Novelist…

Five Things That Didn’t Happen That I Was Totally Positive Would:

I did NOT find Oprah knocking on my door with a plate of cookies and an invitation to kick off her Book Club 2.0

I did NOT go to the hotel pool and see a line of complete strangers lounging on chaises with my book open in front of their faces.

Several movie stars did NOT call me, begging for the chance to star in Populazzi: The Movie

My attempt at an online style magazine, Populazzi.com, did NOT rival Pottermore for levels of web traffic.

All the newspapers, morning TV shows, and magazines in the greater Philadelphia area did NOT fall all over themselves to do Local Girl Makes Good features on me, highlighting both my book and my general awesomeness.

Five Things That Happened That I Had No Clue Actually Would:

I DID become the talk of my grandmother’s assisted living facility… until I was bumped down by the resident whose grandkid produced The Help.

I DID get uninvited from both a middle school book fair and a high school book club because my novel is “too racy.”  (Not so sure it really is, but I wear the “banning” as a badge of honor.)

I DID connect on a personal level with many readers, both face-to-face and online.  Coolest moment?  One reader (now a friend) live-tweeted me as he read the book, so I could read his reactions in real time.

I DID find myself awed by the many wonderful bloggers who took the considerable time to not only read Populazzi, but also write thoughtful, considered reviews of the book afterwards.

I DID become part of a huge network of other published authors, who are near-magical in their support of one another.

On the whole, it has been an absolutely incredible year.  I’m immensely grateful to everyone who has read, enjoyed, and spread the word about Populazzi, and I look forward to more people experiencing Cara’s story now that it’s in paperback!

*          *          *

We’re so pleased to have Elise guest-blogging today! Be sure to check out our review of Populazzi from last year, and check out these other goodies:

Then be sure to grab your copy of Populazzi, now in paperback!

8 thoughts on “Elise Allen: “In My First Year As A Published Novelist”

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  1. Okay, Elise. I have to give it to you on the not finding Oprah at your door, although she did agree to let me interview her for the site and then her stupid publicist said no, and I give it to you about not finding a line of people reading your book at the pool, but I LOVED P.COM! My friends loved P.com, and Bella Thorne tweeted like 10 times how she wanted to star in Populazzi: The Movie 😉

    And I LOVED being your live-tweeter 🙂 best memory!

  2. Ok I read this book and I couldn’t get my mind off of it. I’m only 12 and I loved this book. Can someone tell me when the movie for this will come out because I so wanna watch it
    Thanks 🙂

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